Orvieto Gelato

 Cassata Gelato

Miritello (Blueberry), Chocolate and My New Favorite – Cassata Gelato

 Regardless of the cities we visit during our stay in Italy, Tom and I are always inspired to try their local gelato. We have had some really creamy delicious gelato during our holiday this year but I have to say that each annual trip to Tuscany and Umbria warrants a return visit to the city of Orvieto where gelato is one culinary staple that is taken seriously and revered by Italians at their International Gelato Festival which we attended in 2013.   It may sound odd, but buffalo mozzarella gelato anyone?

Gelato Cake

Caffe del Corso’s Straticella Gelato Cake with Whipped Cream and Piroulines

The historic city of Orvieto is a must stop for Tuscan travelers driving north from the eternal city of Rome and heading toward the Tuscan sun. We love Orvieto for the handmade pottery, the warm friendly shopkeepers who remember us from the year before, the magnificent Duomo and yes, for a taste of our favorite artiginale gelato at the caffe del corso.

Orvieto Duomo

Orvieto Duomo


A Young Boy Helps An Orvieto Band Count Their Tips

I recently posted a picture on Instagram of my Orvieto gelato cornet with Miritello (Blueberry), Chocolate and my new favorite, Cassata gelato which is so creamy and rich that I could not differentiate if I was eating a cannoli, the filling of a rich cassata cake or my delicious gelato.

Cassata gelato is filled with cherries, candied fruit and thin long pieces of rich dark chocolate. Just eating this reminds me that the holidays are around the corner.

We will definitely plan to make Cassata gelato in our Pinocchio’s shops both in Sanibel and in our franchise store in Greenwood, Indiana partly because I want our loyal Customers to sample this wonderful flavor and admittedly, partly because I do not want to wait another year for my next taste of Cassata Gelato. If you get the opportunity to try Cassata gelato, please do so. You will not be disappointed.