hungry fooderati theme 2This is dedicated to everyone who loves food, loves to cook food, associates foods with fond memories of kitchen aromas and to those who search out the best places to eat. We are all not just foodies. Food blogs, books, television, demos and classes have helped to evolve our food culture and emphasize the importance of food traditions in our everyday lives. We find ourselves hungry for more information, recipes, discussion and fun centered around food.  That is why we like to call everyone out there our hungry fooderati.  Check out our posts, pics and recipes, many of which are taken from our travels both domestic and abroad and in our hometowns in New York and Southwest Florida.

Our families much like your own are self professed foodies who have associate food with gatherings in a restaurant, at a family or friends home or in our own kitchen. Food is a second career for both my husband Tom and myself. We bought a quaint little ice cream business on Sanibel Island in 2007, Pinocchio’s Original Italian Ice Cream. Together with our daughter Stephanie, we grew the brand which has evolved into a Sanibel tradition and destination landmark since 1980.

We also opened a second business next door in 2012 and named it Geppetto’s Beach Foodies. Geppetto’s is a little croissant bakery offering grab and go beach cuisine which we developed as a result of our love of New York and European streetfoods.

We sold both Sanibel stores in November of 2017 but remain the owners and franchisor of the parent company. Our company is called Gustare Foods, LLC.  Gustare means “to Enjoy” and that is exactly what we have done for all of our life. We continue to enjoy what we do especially as it relates to food and we are always up for trying new foods whether we are at home or travelling abroad. Our websites for our companies are: http://www.pinocchiosicecream.com and www.beachfoodies.com.

I decided to write this blog after my family fed hungry passionate Customers (we call them family and fans) and enjoyed conversations with them about their own food travels.  Please read our blog, try our recipes and to quote Dom Deluise and every Italian Mama welcoming you into their kitchen, “Eat this! You’ll feel better.”  Oh yes. One last thing. Please do not “borrow” our content including my pics without our permission. Many Thanks.

Gustare! (Enjoy)

Donna and Tom

Donna.LaSpezia.2       Tom.Genoa.eatly




One thought on “About

  1. Donna,
    I so enjoyed meeting you today, learning about Geppetto’s and enjoying some of your wonderful food. I wanted to send you an email, but I couldn’t find an address. I hope you’ll see this note here and check out our blog tonight (January 12). You and your shop are featured! I hope we can stay in touch, because we plan to visit Sanibel again and I want to get the contact information we discussed.

    When we get home, I hope to try some of your recipes on this blog. They sound delicious.


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