Beach Bons

Moderate Recipes

Moderate Recipes

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Want a new take on favorite ice cream movie bites?  Try making these at home. A plate of three different oversized ice cream bon bons makes a memorable ending to a great meal.  At our store on Sanibel Island, we refer to these giant treats as ‘beach bons’ because they were created with our homemade original Italian ice cream flavors inspired by the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva islands. We also received Taste of the Islands BEST DESSERT for these little treasures.  You can use your own gelato, ice creams and sorbet to create these flavorful frozen confections but keep in mind that the key to beautiful beach bons lies in the preparation. Enrobing is much easier if the ice cream is hard frozen. You can prepare the bons up to two days ahead before enrobing them.  Have fun and enjoy!

Basic Beach Bons:

Take a 4 oz scooper. Scoop a round ball of vanilla bean ice cream.

Select a stuffing for the ball such as diced maraschino cherries or dried fruits and nuts.

Poke a hole in the center of the round ball and stuff with your choice of filling.

Mold the ball like a small meatball.

Cover in saran wrap.  Freeze for 1 hour or more until frozen and formed.

Melt Chocolate in a double boiler or crock pot.

Remove saran wrap bons. Dip in melted chocolate with a slotted spoon.

Lay them on a small tray of waxed or parchment paper to cool.

Place them back in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes.

Leave them in simple chocolate or drizzle with some melted chocolate to hold dusted cocoa, sprinkles or your choice of topping.

Return to freezer until ready to serve.

Decorate the plate with whipped cream and Lyons Raspberry sauce for garnish.

Beach Bon variations:

  1. Pinocchio’s Original Italian Ice Cream Sanibel Krunch© ice cream coated in toasted coconut which has been enrobed in chocolate and stuffed with mixed nuts.
  2. Pinocchio’s Original Italian Ice Cream Dirty Sand Dollar© ice cream coated in crushed whoppers and dusted in cocoa.
  3. Pinocchio’s Original Italian Ice Cream Sel de Mer© chocolate, caramel and sea salt gelato stuffed with creamy caramel and coated in dark chocolate with sprinkled sea salt


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